Pumps (Sump and Ejector)

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Pumps (Sump and Ejector)

Sump pumps and ejector pumps look similar and, in some ways, function the same. However, they serve two different yet important purposes. Our team is experienced in the installation, maintenance, and repair of all pump types.

A sump pump is typically located in the basement in a sump basin. This basin collects ground water, or the water that surrounds a home’s foundation during a rainstorm. When the ground water reaches a certain level in the basin, the pump automatically triggers and begins pumping water through a pipe, out of the basement, and safely redirects to a nearby storm drain or well. An overworked or failing sump pump can result in a flooded basement.

We recommend and service Zoeller Cast Iron Sump Pumps, which come with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

An ejector pump looks and acts like a sump pump, but the ejector pump manages drain water instead of ground water. An ejector pump’s basin, also located in the basement, collects water from a washer or sink, or wastewater from a below-grade bathroom. Ejector pump basins typically include a ventilation pipe to help with potential sewer gases. A properly functioning ejector pump is important to prevent hazardous basement conditions.

Do you need maintenance, repair, or an installation of a sump pump or ejector pump? Make sure you have a professional inspect your pump. Our team of certified professionals is ready to help.



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